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Portia Ltd Process diagramPortia Ltd designs and implements effective strategies for gender equality in Science, Engineering and Technology. At Portia our work is organised around four key elements: evidence, dialogue, consensus, and actions.

Using this methodology we create effective strategies that promote gender equality in: science knowledge making, its applications, and communication; different science and engineering disciplines; in education; in research and innovation; in commercialisation of technical knowledge.

The evidence, in particular recent empirical studies, critical reviews, evaluated examples of good practice, etc., starts the process and frames the content of the dialogue, the consensus, and of the actions.

A demonstration how this works in practice is provided by the genSET project.  Some 120 research studies provided the evidence that a panel of science leaders considered to establish a consensus on the recommendations for action targeting science institutions.   

If you find our approach interesting and would like to adopt it in your work, please contact us.



We work by creating collaborative partnerships, small and big, with organisations that share the same mission and are looking for effective solutions to widely experienced problems.  The largest project partnership we have managed involved 70 organisations.  A partnership can also be about networks for sharing knowledge and experience.  For example in the genSET project we established a Stakeholder Network with around 200 organisations to promote capacity building for mainstreaming gender in science institutions.    Our partners come from different sectors: academia, schools, industry, policy, government, women's organisations, professional bodies and associations, media and other areas.  If you would like to work with us, or feel our networks may be helpful to the work you do, please contact us.



We have accumulated an extensive collection of recent studies in the area of gender issues in science.  Many are available on the genSET website.  Some of the key documents we have produced can be found on the Publications page on this website. In 2010 we produced a special issue of the Interdisciplinary Science Reviews journal on Gender in Science.  Currently we are working on a review of recent research involving the gender dimension to highlight how this kind of research can open up new markets for science knowledge.  If there are examples of empirical studies and critical reviews that you feel we should feature, please contact us.


About Us

Portia was set up by women scientists in 1997 to promote  gender equality in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine.  Portia incorporated as a not-for-profit company in 2001 and since then has led national and international partnerships to deliver high impact projects.  More recently, our attention has increasingly focused on the role of gender as a dimension of quality in research and innovation, where, we believe, it can stimulate new research ideas and opportunities for new markets for science knowledge.  This perspective has a strong link to recent European policy initiatives such as HORIZON 2020, Innovation Union and European Research Area



Latest News

Dr Pollitzer's article in the latest Pan European Networks - Science & Technology

Read Dr Pollitzer's latest article in PEN S&T. Elizabeth outlines how Horizon 2020 can be seen as Europe's giant leap in mainstreaming gender, which is the focus of the 4th Gender Summit. She outlines the history of gender and science policy in Europe and the exciting developments created through Horizon 2020, the EU's current €80bn research and innovation funding programme. Read the full article here.


Gender Summit 4 - Europe 2014 logoGender Summit 4 - EU 2014, registration open for one more week

There is one week left to register for the Gender Summit 4 - EU, being held in Brussels on the 30 June and 1 July 2014. The event will be held under the theme:  "From Ideas to Markets: Excellence in mainstreaming gender into research, innovation, and policy". We have finalised the packed 2 day programme with 50 excellent speakers from across disciplines and sectors. You can view it here.  We invite researchers, policy makers and practitioners to join us for the event which included exploring the cross cutting nature of Gender in Horizon 2020. The programme is designed not only as a platform to share recent advances in gender and science but also to provide ample opportunity for exchange and networking among attendees. The event is split into three major sections: Strategic and Crosscutting Priorities; Expanding Understanding of Sex and Gender Dimensions; and the Knowledge Exchange Forum. Portia is the co-convenor of the Summits. We hope very much that you will be able to join us in Brussels at this year's event.

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